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On Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave…  
Hi everyone!
I am due with my sweet baby boy on Sept. 19, 2018
I am currently out on maternity leave until the middle of October.
I will be back for Full sessions & for Fall & Christmas minis.
(Sign ups for both are posted!)

I will make sure to post on Facebook, Instagram and Here when I am back.  Plus some adorable newborn photos of my son.
My daughter is excited to be a big sister too. So you will see some more of her also.
If you have any questions I am still answering emails and messages.  Just not currently shooting sessions.

Thanks so much everyone!  I cant wait to see you guys in the fall.

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Kaylee December 2016 ~ My Daughter

December was a busy busy month.
Kaylee had a stomach bug and cold.
I was swamped with editing and mini sessions.
Plus Christmas!   We played in the snow  the one day it stuck in our area.
We made christmas cookies, baked and frosted.  We didn’t do a lot of photo shoots this month.
Mostly just snap shots with my phone.
We  did our annual christmas photos and opened up lots of presents Christmas day.
Kaylee believes in Santa and said everything she got on christmas morning from him. Even with me telling her it wasn’t.
She loves pie face show down game.  All her new toys and new car.
She rang in the new year with me and friends and enjoyed her sparkling cider in her tiny wine glass.
Now we go on to January with her 3rd birthday and all the craziness that comes with that.

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Kaylee November 2016 ~ My Daughter

November was a blast and went by so fast.
I was busy with sessions and getting Kaylee in the holiday spirit.
We saw Santa who she loves.  She told him what she wanted for Christmas.
She wants.. dresses, sparkly shoes, make up, a castle, peppa pig stuff and paw patrol things.
We did lots of Christmas themed sessions this month.  For vendors and personal photos.
I had a friend take some photos of us too.  I don’t care to be in front of the camera much but I do it for her.
We captured a few amazing shots of us I will cherish forever.

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Kaylee October 2016 ~ My Daughter

October is on of Kaylee’s Favorite months.
She loves all things pumpkins and trick or treating. Plus dress up!
We had a fun month of playing in the rain, pumpkin patches and leaf fights.
Kaylee chose to be Anna from the movie Frozen for Halloween.
We went trick or treating and a harvest festival.  She came home happy and with a bucket full of candy.

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Kaylee September 2016 ~ My Daughter

September was a fun busy month.
We did lots of photoshoots for companies plus had alot of fun playing while we did.
Kaylee got her first library card this month. She was so excited to be able to look at the books and play with the toys and to borrow them.
We also started some home school preschool learning.  She loves learning and doing school work.
We had some fun with a little red riding hood shoot. I have to say its one of my favorites. As well as a few other shoots this month.
I curled her hair with a curl wand this month for the first time.  Oh goodness doe it make her look even more cute. She loves having the curls too.
I took her to a local store that has mini carts to go shopping.  She loves pushing the cart around and putting thing in it.
I captured so many of her little faces and her personality this month. She has grown so fast this year and such a kind soul.
She was sick again for a short period this month.  Thankfully it cleared up faster than last month.

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Kaylee August 2016 ~ My Daughter

August was a rough month for my poor girl.
She ended up with a stomach bug and nasty cold.  Summer bugs are the worst.
It was the start of many monthly bugs through this winter too.  Sigh.
When she was feeling better we enjoyed the month.
We went and played in the creek, played at the park, picked wild apples, had a hippy dance party and read to teddy bears.
There were lots more fun moments as well as lots of cuddles while she was sick.

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Kaylee July 2016 ~ My Daughter

July flew by really quick for me.  I was busy with shoots and lots of fairy editing.
I still tried to get out and do things with miss Kaylee.  I sadly didn’t bring my big camera most of the time.
But I did snap some with it.
July summed up with walks, adventures, swimming,  sprinklers,  first sparklers,  First ever ballet classes,  Boho photoshoots,
festivals,  following princesses in the park, shopkins,  and a new scooter to ride.
She is still obsessed with youtube kids, slim and loves shopkins. 

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Kaylee June 2016 ~ My Daughter

June was a fun month but this summer just feels like its gone by so fast.
I know we have done a ton but I also feel like I have done nothing.
So Kaylee and I went on lots of walks and adventures.
We swam a lot.  Found a new fairy location.  I remembered to fairy photos of her this year.
We hung out with Martina and Charm and had our nails done.  Kaylee and Charm even shared a drink. LOL
Kaylees favorite thing to do now is dress up like princesses and play.  She Also loves playing barbies a lot.
She hung out with her Bff Addison and all in all just had a fun month doing a lot of outdoors things.
Plus she of course humored mom with more outfit photos.
She is a champ with them and even shows me her own poses.  Love that!

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Kaylee May 2016 ~ My Daughter

May was a fun month.  The warm weather means we got out and played alot.
My sweet Kaylee is loving having her photos taken more and more.  She keeps saying that she is a princess and princesses love photos.
When we are done shooting she say I take my picture it was fun!    No mind you I make session fun for her.  We play games, I do weird things to get her smile and we always get to play and have a reward of some kind.   To her this isn’t work, its fun!   Because may was nice an warm we even got start playing in the water early.

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Kaylee & Lola and Darla

I am lucky enough to work with my
Kaylee gets to model some of the most adorable sparkle things form her shop.
As soon as I saw this Twirl Squad tutu dress I knew exactly what I wanted to pair it with.
Boy did it turn out cute.  Kaylee did amazing and really worked the shoot.  For only two she sure gets the concept with a little posing help from me.

Love this tutu leotard dress?  Get one at

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