I current am offering 2 mentoring one on one options…..

– Beginners Mentoring.  $160+tax
This is for people who want to stop shooting in Auto and get better photos of people.
You will need a DSLR.  Recommend lenses are 50mm  1.8 or 35mm 1.8  (or better) but not required.

Whats covered: 

  • 2 hour Class
  • Camera Basics
  • How to Shoot in Manual
  • Working with Natural Light
  • Composition
  • Focus
  • Posing
  • Using a Reflector
-Newborn Mentoring $399+tax
This is for photographers that want to learn how to take better newborn photos.
Learn to shoot how I shoot.  See if you have what it takes.
You will need a DSLR and prime lens recommend is a 50mm 1.8 or better lens.
You will need to know how to use your camera as this isn’t a camera class and basic knowledge of photoshop.
Spend the Day with me..  ( about 6 -7 hours )  This includes Shooting. Editing, Lunch break and Q & A
Mentoring will take place at my in Home Studio.
Whats covered:
  • Posing on a bean bag
  • Posing with props
  • Safety
  • Lighting  ( natural light vs Strobes)
  • Soothing and Calming
  • Editing:  Color correcting, smoothing, background fade …ect.
  • Each mentoree will get a basic newborn action set with some of my day to day newborn actions I have created for CS4 or higher.
  • Q & A

If you would like to schedule a mentoring session please email