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Tink & Key { Miracle Baby }

I am honored to feature an amazing Tee company called Tink & Key.

They make the famous Miracle Baby Tee.

With every Miracle Baby Tee purchased they donate a portion to the American Heart Association.

( in honor of her own miracle baby who was diagnosed with  Tetralogy of Fallot at 5 weeks of age) 

When you buy one of their shirts and post it.  Make sure to tell them why your child is a Miracle.

They love hearing the stories!


Tink & Key is offering  a 20% discount on your complete order until 8/26 at midnight.

Use code:  KAMIEO at check out

My Personal Story of my miracle baby. 

For 10 years I tried for a child to call my own.   I wanted one so bad. I knew I always wanted to be a mama.

I sadly found out after 5 years of trying I had PCOS ( Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome)  and it would be very hard for me to have a child with out fertility help.

So in 2013  I did In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) .  I had one chance at it.   It was a long lengthy process.  With obstacles that kept getting in my way.

But I never gave up.

They could only retrieve eggs from only one of my ovaries  due to my other one moving during retrieval. They had hit an artery and had to control bleeding.

They didn’t want to take the chance of hitting it again so we were stuck with the few eggs we had.   I opted to put all three in and take my chances of multiples.

(Kaylee’s First Photo.. I  think she was the middle one.  Its the one that is the most developed)

Then I had to wait… bed rest and wait.   Do you know how hard it is to wait when you have waited so long already?

I couldn’t wait anymore and I tested early.  I saw a faint line.  I couldn’t believe it!  I cried.

I was finally PREGNANT!  After 10 years… I WAS PREGNANT.

I had to take more shots for 3 months after I found out.  This was part of the IVF process.   But I didn’t mind because I WAS PREGNANT!

My pregnancy was easy after that up until  Jan 2014.  When one day I was slightly rear ended while I was 9 months pregnant.

I went to the hospital that night for a stress test to make sure the baby was okay.  Thankfully she was and so was I.  Everything looked great.

But two days later I went into labor a month early.   My blood pressure was up and they were worried that I suddenly had Pre-eclampsia.

So they decided to break my water and let me have the baby.   Well her heart rate dropped. I was rushed in for an Emergency C- Section.

I am thankful for the staff that was on that night because they were amazing. I wasn’t worried.

 Sadly I was more focused on being sick from the meds they had me on for the C – Section.

My baby girl came out and looked healthy but she was tiny.  A whopping 4lbs 12oz.

When I finally was able to get back to my room.  I got to hold her.  She was AMAZING!  She was my Miracle.  It didn’t feel real.

I couldn’t believe she was mine. That I would get to take her home.

She was and is everything I wanted in a daughter.   Even as tiny as she was she was 100% healthy.  Not one thing wrong at all.

I cried.  I finally had a baby of my own.  No more resenting everyone that announced they were pregnant.

I was a Mama.   I had my Miracle Baby.

Fast foward 7 months.

Kaylee is still doing amazing!   She hasn’t had any problems.  She is actually an easy baby.

She is advanced in mobility and has already started first words.   Which are HI!  and Mama.

She is still tiny.  Only 16/17lbs  With a tiny waist.

She is my smart happy girl and I am so happy to finally have her in my life.

She completes me.  She is more loved than she will ever know.

Do you have a Miracle Baby Story?  I would love to read about it.  Comment on this post tell me!

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Alex Modeling for Little Boats Clothing ~ Product Photography

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Trinity’s Tutu’s

If your looking for an adorable tutu I recommend Trinity’s Tutus … The tutus are handmade super full, sewn around the waist, & you can get them any color you can imagine. She has super fast turn around too. Which is awesome for photographers like me who can sometimes wait until the last min to order.
Go check her out…. Website…. Facebook

Here are some of her tutus I have and love…
Ms. J turns 1y
Trinity's Tutu's
Trinity's Tutu's
Trinity's Tutu's
Trinity's Tutu's
Trinity's Tutu's
Baby R. 6m old

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