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Kaylee April 2016 ~ My Daughter

April was a beautiful warm month but with that came allergy season for Kaylee and I.
My poor girl ended up with a sinus infection and ear infection from them.
We had a lot of fun with clothing, flowers and sunset in April.
Kaylee is loving the camera even more and showing her personality a lot.
I am loving capturing all her sweet expressions.  She is having lots of fun too.
Shoots never last long and we always get to play after.

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Kaylee March 2016 ~ My Daughter

March had some dry days!  YAY!  So we went out and shot a bit more.
We did some product photos,  St. Patrick’s day photos,  Easter photos and just for photos.

Kaylee is getting a little better in front of the camera for a busy little toddler.   She is big on rewards.
So I always have little prizes waiting to celebrate a successful 10 min shoot.

Enjoy some of the cuteness from March!

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Kaylee Feb 2016 ~ My Daughter

February was a slow photo month for me.  The rain and the darkness just wasn’t inspiring me to shoot much personally.

But I did manage get some adorable ones of my daughter.  Feb.  was a big month for her.  She transitioned to a big girl bed.
She wasn’t wanting to sleep very much in her crib anymore and didn’t like it still with the side off.  So big girl bed it was and I couldn’t be more happy how that turned out.
She transitioned fast and even sleeps through the night now.  Which was a big YAY !  as she never did in her crib.  We also ditched the bottle since we were doing the big change.
Again that was an easy transition and we never looked back.    She is growing up too too fast!   We celebrated with a mini shoot one day in her new bed.

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Kaylee Jan 2016 ~ My daughter

I wanted to start up again doing a monthly recap of personal photos I have done.
Most of them are always going to be my daughter.  She is my new muse and I want to make sure she has an abundance of photos when she grows up.  Where as I have none.
Which reminds me!   PRINT YOUR PHOTOS!   Technology is always changing or crashing but having prints in hand wont.  Print just simple 4×6’s and put them in a photo box or album.  Something you can look and remember.  I am a horrible offender of this as I take way too many photos.  This year I plan on printing everything and catching up.

Here is a quick recap of some of the photos I did in Jan.   I did a black and white photo challenge with a group of friends that month. So most of the images are black and white.

Kaylee also turned two in January also.  She has gotten so big.  She is tall for her age and extremely smart.
I am one proud mommy to have her as my daughter.

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Kaylee 365 Project ~ 9 Months Old


Another month of daily photos of my daughter.

This is her from when I started on 10-7-14 thru 11-6-14 while she was 9 months old.

A photo a day in order.

9 months old

* Stands for a few seconds at a time on her own

* Says Dada

* goes MMMMM muah when she wants kisses

* loves to climb on and under things

*babbles ALOT

* runs with walker toy

* has toddler attitude at times

* learned to do a crazy wave

* make clicking sound with tongue

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Kaylee 365 Project ~ 8 months Old

Yet another month of daily photos of my daughter.

This is her from when I started on 9-7-14 thru 10-6-14 while she was 8 months old.

A photo a day in order.

8 months old

* Walks holding on the furniture

* Says Baby & Baba

* Eating more solid foods

* loves puffs, Cheerios’s , and crunchies

* learned to stand leaning on walls

* loves to make silly faces and sounds

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Little Red & Not so scary wolf

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Kaylee 365 Project ~ 7 Months old

Yay!  I made it another month of photographing my daughter each day.

It’s not as easy as it looks. Some days I want to relax but then I remember I have to do this for not just me but for her.

This is her from when I started on 8-7-14  thru 9-6-14  while she was 7 months old.

A photo a day in order.

7 months old

* First word was Hi

* Second word was Mama

* Learned to backwards crawl

* Learned to Butt scoot

*Learned to Clap

* Pulls herself up well on things

* Goes from sitting to tummy position

* Loves Peek A Boo

* Loves spinning while being held

* Gives Kisses

* Makes kissing sound

* Blows raspberries when she is tired to keep from falling asleep

* Loves accessories

* Favorite toy is teether rattle, music ball and baby doll

* Discovered Tongue

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Kaylee 365 Project ~ 6 months old

So I decided when Kaylee turned 6 months old I would start a 365 project.  I am going to blog each months photos.

This is her from when I started on 7-9-14  thru 8-6-14  while she was 6 months old.

A photo a day in order.

6 months

*Sit ups on her own

* Stands holding on to things

* Loves playing with her feet

* Blows bubbles and raspberries

* She does what I  call Sniff face

* She loves to talk and screech

* She gets really giggly when she is tired

* She loves being outdoors and going for walks

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Made with Love by Caty ~ Commercial Photography




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